Writing Songs Isn’t Really All That Bad


The Rockstar wanted to prove to her that he could really write. Listening to The Ataris, he was influenced in writing more songs and poems with titles that are long and lyrics that are rebellious and direct to the point. He intended this to be played with a punk rock tune and prove to her that not only he could write but also sing for her.


I thought writing a song was easy
‘Said to myself that we’ll simply express
what’s the feeling inside
and write down your emotions

Well, sometimes I can’t seem
to think of the words to say
It’s all in my mind yet
it’s hard to explain

For me, its harder to jot the words
rather than just express my actions

Now I’m sitting here composing this song
about writing a song that I dedicate for you

This seems pointless…

No I can’t, I can’t, I can’t
write a song for you
I messed up, yeah, messed up
and i dont know what to do
But the humming and
singing in my heart is true
So maybe, No! Really,
I’ll just sing for you

I’ll just sing for you


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