Birthdays and Love Songs


The Rockstar looks through the papers in his wallet and finds one of those birthday presents that weren’t given, forgotten.


I found her, the most perfect girl
She’s someone I’d be happy to be with
She shares the same interests as mine
I’ve been waiting for her all the time

Thirteen days until her birthday
I kept on thinking of what I could give
Something that she’d remember me by
Necklaces, bracelets or anything else expensive

Oh, How I wish I could give all these things
I’d do anything just to make her happy
I could even give up time, just to be together
I’d give her eveything, even though I’m just a nobody

Thirteen more days until your birthday
I kept on thinking of what I could give
Not all the riches in the world are best of gifts
Some things are meant to be felt

I’ll always be around
And catch you if you fall down
We’d hang out every night
I’d always be there right
beside you…

Happy birthday to you~


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