She was famous and thus, had lots of people around her. The Rockstar and his friends were trying to get closer to her but eventually ended with someone telling them that “Asaness is close to Loserness.” In other words, it meant that if one desired to become something more than the ordinary, one would definitely end up becoming just a nobody.


Is it possible for us to be
both in love you and me?
Is there a chance for us to be
holding hands just you and me?

Would you believe in everything I tell,
even if you’ve never really known me well?
Ever wondered if i was meant for you?
Ever wished these silly things were true?

Even though were worlds apart,
I’d always keep you in my heart

Is it possible for us to be
hanging out just you and me?
Did you ever see yourself with someone
you could live with forever and have fun?

Could that special person youve been waiting
be the person you weren’t really expecting?
Would it matter if I’m not that awesome,
as long as the two of us together really jam?

Even though were ages so far away,
I’d be thiking about you each and everyday
Even if our worlds collide,
I’d always be there by your side

Is this the part im supposed to wake up
and leave my questions unanswered?


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