After days of singing and playing and hoping and longing and wishing, The Rockstar’s shows are nearly ending. Hope is slowly draining out of him. Although he’s true to what he’s feeling, he’s not sure how long he can still hold on.  He wrote this letter and planned to give it indirectly to her—a sort of goodbye. It didn’t reach her though but they parted ways. She’s more famous than before and he was nowhere to be found. Yet his songs still linger in the dark.


Lately, I’ve been writing this letter.
I hoped we could talk to each other.
You’re the only one I can turn to,
I’ve been keeping these emotions
So long as the time I’ve noticed her
I’m still confused if this is true
I’ve been wanting to tell her but
I’d be waiting until it’s okay,
Promise me, this is just between you and me
I’d be waiting until she’s okay.

No, my friend doesn’t know about this and
I’m hoping she wouldn’t because
I’m expecting this won’t last so long
Maybe this is just temporary
but everytime I hold it back
this love grows even more and it gets
harder and harder for me to breathe
but this feeling is great though
and I feel stronger each passing day
You’d know better, should I tell her?


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