Best Way to Die


There are 2 ways to die: dying in pain and 30in bliss. This song describes how it feels to die happy. Although, the song itself should not be interpreted literally. This was partially inspired by the song “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional.

Heartaches! I’m hard at breathing
Low motivation’s dragging me down
Scars from these barbed wires
Bound tightly in my arms are burning

This hurting! I’m rolled up into a corner
My temple’s aching and I’m all stressed out
All these random thoughts inside
Are killing me… I’d rather….

See you soon sometime I’ll fall
On my knees and into your arms
We’ll look up at the sky one last time
And watch the shooting stars trail the skies
Hold me tight and close to your heart
And I’ll listen to your sweet voice
Until all the stars stop sparkling
That’s the time I’d say “This is the best way to die.”


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