This is a story (in verse) of two people who were perfectly made for each other. They found their way to love and loved each other unconditionally. However, in one unfortunate day, the other received a call from someone, and that call was the only thing that separated them forever. The idea was suggested by a friend, Marjorie Espejo.


Why did you have to go away?
You didn’t have to leave!
Things between us… We were doing fine…

We were happy then
Even before you ever had to go
I was yours and you were mine
No one could ever change that

I remember the day we met
You’re all alone… He just left you…
I needed someone… She hurt me…
You found me, and I found you.

But why did you have to go away?
It hurts so much to see you leave
You promised me, forever we’d be together.

One call away from home
Is one thing that could change
Everything we’ve swore upon
Is there nothing I can do?

To bring you back to me
And spend the rest of our lives
Together in all eternity


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