As I was on a roll in writing poems, I asked a friend what other topic I should write about. He told me then to try a different point-of-view on love. Instead of love, I turned it into an obsession.

I loved you, the moment I laid my eyes on you
I knew that the feeling I felt was real
All this time I’ve looked for you, all this time
I know we were destined to be

I’ve been longing to dream about us
Or if i wake, hoped to see you beside
Or hear your voice as you whisper in my ear
Or just forever be together in my dream

I think I’m in love with you
I can’t live another day without seeing your face
I know I’m in love with you
My heart beats so fast every time i hear your name
Oh, how I wish I’d hear you say you love me too.

Now I’m sitting in the corner of my room
Staring at your pictures on the walls
I’m wondering when I could ever see you
When I can ever talk to you
When I can ever hear you voice
When I can ever see
even just a glimpse of you
When I can watch you
sway your hair from afar

I know I need you badly
You’re like a drug that I must take in everyday
I know I want you every
Little thing I do, every thing’s about you
You know I know you very well
Your likes, dislikes, the way you walk or talk
You know I love you really
I’d waste anyone who’ll take you away from me
I so know this love’s true
I so know I’m in love with you


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