What Could’ve Been


I saw you there walking by the shed
Simply looking to where I am
I wanted to call you and ask if you wanted a ride
Without asking, I assumed you didn’t care

There was a time, we ran into each other
I couldn’t look you straight in the eye
Afraid that I may say something wrong
I just kept quiet pretending I didn’t saw you there

I remember the time you stopped your car
By where I was… hoping and waiting for you
To call and ask if I wanted a ride, I’d love to
But you didn’t, and just drove away…

I remember the time we ran into each other
So close, side by side… hoping I’d get to know
The person behind the songs and presents
But you wouldn’t talk to me, I guess you weren’t serious after all

[Male] I could’ve been happier with you
‘Cause I’d be true to you
[Female] I could’ve gone out with you
But you never really asked me to

[Female] Now we’re a day apart,
And you’re telling me things
How I wished I’ve heard before…

[Male] How I wished I’ve said before…

I guess I should stop this
And live on with my life without you
And live on with yours too…

[Female] Please don’t go! I love you!


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