Entwined Hearts


Look around you, tell me what you see
Is there something to cover the wound
Just to stop the bleeding

Listen to me, don’t blame yourself
He’s not even worth your tears anyway
Leaving you for another girl

Don’t cry, don’t cry
I’m hurting too whenever I see you hurting
Don’t cry, don’t cry
Just remember that I’m always here beside you

Are you still thinking about him
Reminiscing the times you’ve been through
All those times he was fooling you?

Listen to me, don’t blame yourself
He was never there anyway
Where you were waiting

Don’t you see?
I’m hurting too whenever he’s hurting you
Don’t you see?
I’ve always been right here beside you

When will this wall between us fall?
When will you hear me shouting from other side?

Don’t you see?
This may be wrong but I know I’m right
Don’t you feel it too?
Ever since then, I really loved you


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