One-Way Traffic


Here I am all alone, staring at my mobile phone
Am I the only one missing? Am I the only one longing?
There you are, far away where I don’t even know
Do you even think of me somehow?

I don’t know if I should call you
To let you know how much I feel tonight
I don’t see if I can take this
I’ve been apart from you too long now

I’ve had so many sleepless nights thinking of you
Why aren’t you answering my calls?
I’m worried sick and even scared of losing you
You didn’t even tell me you’re leaving me.

Here I am alone, driving on the express way, way back home,
Am I the only one missing? Am I the only one waiting?
For my phone to ring and hear your voice
Which has been so long since I’ve heard.

I don’t know why you’re not calling,
Even just to let me know that you’re alright.
I’m not sure if I can take this,
I just want to know if you love me too.


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