Daily Dose of Diary Days


Written by request of a friend, Den Marquez.

Dearest diary, there he is again
Asking advice from his bestfriend,
Yours truly, me.
Everyday, it’s all the same
“How should I tell her?”
To this girl, he says.

I say, tell her this
Give her that
Show her who you really are

Dearest diary, it’s me again
How would I say that I love him?
Please, help me…
I’m scared of what he’ll say,
“I love you too,
you know that, my best buddy…”

Tell him this
Give him that
Show him who you really are

Yet how true,
It’s so hard to
Tell him how I really feel inside.

My dear diary, everything
About him’s between
You and me.
Just you and me.


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