Choices and Consequences


For myself, for moving on.

I was walking down the road
When I heard you shout
Do I turn around or keep on walking?

I kept on walking down the road
Then I heard your voice
Do I look for you or keep on moving?

I wish I could’ve looked for you that time

But maybe it was all meant to be
So then I just kept on walking, keep on moving, kept on going…

I stopped one moment to look at,
To where my feet have led me,
When I realized this fork stuck on the road

I wish I could’ve turned around that time

But maybe this is a knot of fate
So then I just chose my destiny, where I stood, where I’ll go…

Now I’m on the edge of this cliff, ready to fall
There’s no tomorrow left for me until

I held your hand as you caught me
Before I was completely erased from you
Will I hold on or will I let go?


I think this is the time to say goodbye.


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