Suicide Attemptation


I wrote this with no intention of committing suicide nor did I attempted in the past. Kristerie requested me to write something morbid, something dark, something about loss. Although I think I strayed a bit from her request. I also changed the title from simply Suicide.

Is this how it feels to love
Without getting something in return?
This burning and bleeding inside
And blood gushing out from pain

Is this how it feels to love you?
Like a million knives into my heart
With every move I make, it aches
A million times more than i can take

I suffocate, I drown
Into you, Ocean, I will wait until
I feel, your hand
Into mine, emotions, overflowing

Is it this cold, laying on the floor?
Still and quiet, waiting and waiting
Heavily breathing, staring at the door
Blood-stained hands, I cut myself

Is this how it feels to die?
Waiting for your answer, I wither
As the dark, cold, heartless night
Kept me away from the sunlight

I shrink, I drop, I fall
Into oblivion, I will wait until
Your heart, begins to beat
The same as mine, it’s sacrifice, it’s suicide!


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