The World is Too Big for One


Inspired by Iya Parungao’s world.

We cannot be entirely happy by ourselves all alone. We need somebody. Even if you are a loner, I assure you, you need someone too. Life without your friends and loved ones is not life. What is your purpose then, in life, if you’re solitary? Dreams are meant to be shared. Worlds are meant to be, too. Let us open our doors to our hearts and allow anybody to enter and leave. That’s life.

What is your world like?

I live in a world so small, so dark.
With the stars hanging from the sky
As if strings are tied onto the clouds
And you can almost reach it

These stars are all around
Beautiful? You think so?
I have no place else to see,
And nowhere else to escape to.

What is your world like?

I have stars too, shining at their best.
Cool breezes under the sun,
And rainy seasons with droplets
Forming patterns as they reached the ground.

Everywhere you look,
You’d see something different.
Just like moods of paintings
In a gigantic open canvas

I’ve been in a world like that before
When everything else was still OK.
Now I’m all alone and I’ve nowhere else to go,
Only in my small, dark, and lonely planet.

If you have no place to go,
Would you like to move in mine?
The world is too big
For just me.


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