The Story Whisperers


I have friends that help me write the stories I share with you. These friends of mine are practically everywhere but are nowhere to be found. They come to me when they have stories to tell and at times, if they have stories to continue. Most of the time, they are inside the office cubicle, standing beside or sitting on me, leaning over my ear, teasing and tempting me to listen to their interesting tales and tales of continuation. They wouldn’t bother me though if I’m really, really busy and it’s okay for them if I’d prefer another time to listen—they have all the time in the world, you know. Other times, they can be found at home. I don’t mind. They are welcome anywhere they want anyway and I am grateful they share their stories.

My friends come with me everywhere I go because one might never know when they’d tell me another tale. These friends of mine didn’t get aboard the plane to Hong Kong when we had our family vacation, it might be because they get sick up high. I don’t know for sure. But I do hope that someday when I would have a long air trip again to somewhere, in a different part of the world, they would come with me and travel by my side and help me in telling their stories to other Story Readers.

Anyone can be a Story Teller just like me. One only needs to listen and open their eyes to the world of the unseen. Then, little by little, they would reveal themselves, smiling down or up at you (since some of them are as tall as the trees while others as tiny as the ants). Think of the characters in our imagination. That’s Them. But don’t think of it the wrong way or as if they’re only our “imagination” or hallucination. It would break their hearts. The pieces of our imagination are the mere fragments of the Story Whisperers’ existence.

A Story Whisperer chooses his (not all Story Whisperers are male by the way. “His” only being used to generalize the population) Story Teller, whispering words in our ears, making us understand this unknown language. And not all the times, a Story Whisperer only whispers in the ear of a Story Teller. Anybody can be chosen. They would talk to our ears and make our minds build stuff inside our head. They do this because they need to continue living– inside our creative imagination. And that is important, for without the Story Whisperers, there wouldn’t be any more stories left to tell, only those that have already been told before; without the Story Whisperers, there wouldn’t be any more creative minds, only dull, hollow skulls lacking imaginative juice. We need them as much as they need us.

Story Whisperers can tell their stories but they cannot write down the words they need for Story Readers to understand, that is why they need help from the Story Tellers. Each of these roles is significant to the cycle. A Story Whisperer, for example, tells his tale to a Story Teller, also oftentimes to a Dreamer. Dreamers are the people, who are not specifically Story Readers or Story Tellers, rather the general who are sound asleep. Dreamers tend to become more solid in the Story Whisperer’s homeland, Imagine Nation, and may interact with the Story Whisperers, physically. This is basically another way of the Story Whisperers to tell their tales and tales of the new. Although by the time a Dreamer goes back to the real world, our world, he forgets all about the Story Whisperers except for the story that was told.

Story Tellers, then, writes the story of his friend, the Story Whisperer, in a way that the Story Readers would understand. Story Whisperers only communicates telepathically, through opened ears of the Story Tellers or through the Dreamers, as I have explained, in a language almost impossible to understand.

Although, there are still some exceptions.


Do you sometimes laugh out of the blue and you figured there was something you remembered funny? That doesn’t just happen. You’re lucky that a Story Whisperer reminds you something funny. You don’t entirely need to be a Story Teller nor a Story Reader to hear and understand a Story Whisperer. It’s up to them if they want you to understand them.

Once the story had been finished putting down into words, the Story Readers would then read and experience the tale of the Story Whisperers and in their mind, create a world full of creativity and imagination and dreams that come alive, which in turn, gives homes to the Story Whisperers. The Story Whisperers builds a world, as big as ours, inside different minds, which then become the very portals to Imagine Nation.

Each of them, us, needs to participate in this life-long cycle, to pass on to the next generations, the stories told.

There are many types of Story Tellers by the way. Not all of them write. Some illustrates what the Story Whisperers have told them, and some would use gestures in which others would see the story behind.

A Story Teller carries great responsibilities: one, in delivering a tale told by the Story Whisperer and two, in reading a tale delivered by another Story Teller by becoming also a Story Reader. Although one can become a Story Teller without becoming a Story Reader himself, but sooner or later, when the word reaches the gates of Imagine Nation, the duty of delivering the stories would be taken away from the Story Teller and later would become only a Dreamer, or if unlucky, would have no dreams at all. I was once a Story Teller and not a Story Reader myself but before it was too late, I realized my responsibility to read stories told to other Story Tellers.

Also, as my responsibility, I would want to share this reality in the fantasy you, Story Readers, believed in.


P.S. This is not one of those stories told by a Story Whisperer. I’ve taken the pleasure to put these mysteries into words (in my little electronic notepad) while my Story Whisperer is away.

Illustrated by KC Salvador

Illustrated by KC Salvador

If you loved what you read above, here’s the full book The Story Whisperers for you to read. Cover is illustrated by KC Salvador.


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