The Edge Chronicles, by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell



There are 3 things I look for in books:

The cover—it catches my eye and pulls my attention towards it. One variation of the cover of The Edge series presents certain characters or important objects from the story in a captivating or luring way. Chris Riddell certainly has a unique style to his drawings that I absolutely love.

The title—if the cover looks good, the title must be pretty catchy too. “The Edge Chronicles,” makes us wonder what is The Edge? Even though the word “chronicles” have been used up in different stories, the word “edge” in the title, metaphorically and literally gives it an edge. If it’s called The Cliff Chronicles, I would probably think twice about taking a look at it.

And third, the teaser (or whatever it’s called.) It’s the one written at the back of the book along with the reviews.


Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell are a great combination. Chris Riddell’s drawings contribute a lot to the story itself. And that’s good for me because I usually get bored reading books. I think fantasy set in an urbanized world is a great idea. I like how both of them thought of the names of the races and the creatures and the places. It makes you feel like you’re in a different world. And it makes you feel that you want to see that world.

This series, as I understand, is written especially for kids. But even I have been deeply and passionately fascinated with the story.


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