z3r0t0lerance: Heto


The songs I have chosen for this album design are personal favorites of what I have written so far. The overall look of the album layout was inspired by The All-American Rejects’ Move Along album. The layout of their said album was in a form of layered notes of papers where they’ve written their songs on. I was inspired to do a layout for my own album, which shows “Who I Am”. This is what came to my mind: my interests, my possessions, and my feelings. I wanted to keep this design simple and minimalistic.

I have arranged the songs in the layout in an order that seemed appropriate to and that relates to the vectored image/s. The objects used in the layout are vectored from actual photos. You can view each of them here in all its glory:

As you can see, Zero Version 2 is positioned near the barbed-wire bracelet. Zero was originally written by me, later refined by Kris Dador, thus Version 2. The person in the song Zero is me, and I used to wear a barbed-wire bracelet on my wrist before. The song Away is also placed near the barbed-wire, because Away is a song about misunderstandings and fight.

The vectored polaroid picture is Mikka Pangilinan. It is only a representation of memories of somebody special. I have included the song Bulalakaw as a sort of thank you for letting me use her photo. Also, the song Ibong Adarna is placed by the polaroids because it tells of a story of a beautiful mythical bird that can turn anyone into stone. The song symbolizes someone who can, metaphorically, turn you to stone.

The songs Heto and Gawarasal were placed by the vectored rosary, because it sort of tells of God and of faith.


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