Of Superheroes and Stories


Angel Locsin as Darna in 2010

I can’t believe I’m actually making this post. I never really became a fan of the TV series, nor of Angel Locsin, but I don’t really understand why they have to remake Darna with Marian Rivera as the newer incarnation. Angel Locsin as Darna is still fresh off the cooking pot.

Of superhero actors and actresses

What’s with casting same actors/actresses as different superheroes? Like Captain Barbell, Kamandag, Aguiluz, and the other matrix-like tv series I forgot; or Zaido Blue and Gagamboy. (I can only comment on GMA shows since they are the only ones I’m familiar of.) Why can’t GMA cast new or fresh actors and actresses for these roles? Actors and actresses nowadays are too overrated and are getting tiring to look at.

Of superhero stories and plots

Plots and twists become too generic, they are almost too predictable and repetitive. There are many good writers here in the Philippines, and not yet in the industry that film companies should go look for. There are also a lot of original superheroes created by different people. The Bayan Knights is a group/league of original Filipino superheroes with original and creative plots. I would like to see them as TV/film superheroes in the near future.

Additionally, superhero talk aside, what’s with the popular theme of revenge and hate and trickery and politics in the TV shows? Can’t writers do something heart warming scripts instead? (May Bukas Pa is one example.) Or what about shows that would depict good examples towards nature, the environment, people, etc? The theme of revenge is too generic and (UGH) is not a good story. And what’s with all the gun action, aren’t shows supposed to be what their watchers would follow as an example? Children watch TV shows; TV shows influence these children.


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