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Philippine National AIDS Council secretariat Ferchito Avelino explained that it had become easier for young people to find sex partners through the Internet.

“There has been no study but it has been pinpointed as one of the major causes of the rise of HIV/AIDS cases,” he stressed.

More HIV/AIDS cases linked to Internet boom | DOH warns RP may face epidemic soon
By Jeannette Andrade, Philippine Daily Inquirer, First Posted 16:01:00 02/01/2010

I personally think that the number one (MAJOR) cause of the rise of HIV/AIDS in the country is the media itself. I’m not denying that the internet is one of the causes, since the internet is just a part of the media. The media, is actually the bigger picture.

What does the media (especially showbiz, TV series, etc) show us (and the children) these days? What about the ads and commercials, and even the billboards on the roads?

Think about it.


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