Review: Ignition City by Warren Ellis

Ignition City by Warren Ellis

Ignition City by Warren Ellis

Ignition City — a comic by Avatar Press, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Gianluca Pagliarni — is set in a dieselpunk alternate history, where space travel has been made accessible due to alien invasions. Ignition City is an island spaceport, where most of the citizens are former spacemen. The story follows Mary Raven, a young woman who travels to Ignition City after learning that her father died there.


Ever the fan of steampunk, I instantly got hooked with the dieselpunk technology and machinery in Ignition City. Although the characters seem to lack features in the illustration by Pagliarni, the machines have been drawn very detailed and the overall illustration of the setting is really impressive.

Rating: 4 of 5



The progress in the story was quick but it turns out as a good read even for a short story. At the first parts of the story, there were panels that did not make any sense, but later on in the story would become quite an important factor. There was however, in my opinion, a portion wherein the story and dialogues weren’t able to explain what happened, and I personally think it would’ve helped if it had been described further. The shifts between past or memories and present happenings is a great addition to the way of storytelling as it helped build up mystery and excitement. The story is not entirely predictable, and so it’s actually a “plus” for me.

Rating: 4 of 5



The story involved very different characters that it actually added to the “flavour”. Each character played an important role in playing the story of Ignition City. Antagonists were protagonists and protagonists were antagonists, you’ll never know who’s who.

Rating: 5 of 5



Ignition City is a great read, all-in-all. Great story combined with great artwork.

Average Rating: 4.3 of 5


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