Review: Defiance TV Series vs Defiance The Game



I have been watching DEFIANCE TV SERIES for a while now. It’s good but it’s just okay. It has the same feel to TERRANOVA and FALLING SKIES, although I liked these two better. DEFIANCE TV SERIES is a sci-fi TV series that is directly tied-in with the game of the same name. The show was developed entirely for the purpose of introducing the game and the characters in it.

When I first saw the trailer for DEFIANCE, I thought it was cool; that it was kind of like FALLING SKIES but with an expanded universe. I liked the idea that it is set in the near-future where extraterrestrials and humans co-existed. But when I saw the pilot episode, I had been disappointed– my expectations for the TV show was not met. Even still, I continued watching the next episodes.

As before, to me, DEFIANCE could’ve been better– with the visual effects, the physical appearances of the characters and the story. I had to understand though that the story should support the game.


The game, I’ve only seen in a gameplay trailer. And too bad for it, I had seen the DESTINY gameplay video before I thought of watching the DEFIANCE gameplay video. And with that, I instantly made comparisons to DESTINY, mostly on the graphics, the gameplay, and the overall likability to play it. DEFIANCE game was worse than ‘just okay’. I think that DEFIANCE is just unlucky that it there’s this new and upcoming MMOG called DESTINY at almost the same season it was released.


DEFIANCE GAME could have done better. While DEFIANCE TV could work out as a standalone, even without the game.


I give DEFIANCE TV a 3 out of 5, and DEFIANCE GAME a 1 out of 5.


But that’s just me.


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