Review: Proposed PNP Uniforms


Cops to get new uniforms?

They recently got brand-new guns and are set to get new mobiles. Now, the men and women of the Philippine National Police (PNP) want new uniforms. Officials are looking into proposals for new uniforms for the force, following strong clamor from among the rank and file. (read more…)

Here are my comments and opinion on the proposed uniforms for the PNP (photos from the PNP Facebook Page):

Set 1A and 1B

1A: Stuck in Time / The Emilio Aguinaldo Look. I’m not so keen on the concept of having a belt on the polo itself. It’s like Superman, wearing underwear on top of his pants. The belt looks as if it could be torn easily from the polo.

1B: This could have been okay, but the policeman’s inner uniform is untucked, making it improper or unclean-looking.

Set 2A and 2B

2A: Doesn’t stray too far from the current uniform and it’s actually better than the first. It’s simple and authoritative.

2B: A much, much, better set than the first.

Set 3A and 3B

3A: The lines make it look futuristic. Parang pampulis-pangkalawakan. I still like the 2nd design.

3B: I like the color of this one, better than 2B; but I still like 2B’s design better.

Set 4A and 4B

4A: I really don’t like the untucked-and-belted-style in this one, and of the previous with the same style. Maybe in Emilio Aguinaldo’s time it looked good. And I don’t really understand the functionality of the belt here. But I like the overall grey color of the uniform.

4B: The neckline of the policewoman’s uniform seems a bit deep.

Set 5A

5A: An option for the policewomen to wear skirt would also be nice. But if the police officer is in the field, the pants should always be a requirement. The slight saturation of the color makes it look similar to the MMDA uniform, which I am not so fond of.

Set 6A and 6B

6A: Kailangan talagang naka-shades ang lalaki at naka-squint ang babae?

6B: This uniform would actually look great– if they had a BATTLESHIP. Seriously though, this uniform is best fit for the top-ranking officials and not the field officers.

Set 7A and 7B

7A: Looks okay. Though there doesn’t seem to be any difference from the current. I still like Set 2 most.

7B: Ugly. Not the models. I meant the uniforms.

Set 8A and 8B

8A: Looks okay. Though there doesn’t seem to be any difference from the current. I still like Set 2 most.

8B: This actually looks better than 2B. This looks more authoritative.

Set 9A and 9B

9A/B: Meh. Parang fashionista lang.

Set 10A and 10B

10A: Meh.

10B: Loose pants? No thanks.

Set 11A

11A: The logo patches look large and obtrusive. I prefer dark-colored uniforms instead. (Not that I would wear these. It’s what I think would look respectful to the policemen.)

Set 12ASet 13A

12A & 13A: Loose & light-colored polo, plus colorful patches/logos? No thanks.

Set 14A and 14B

14A: What’s the belt for if you’re going to tuck your polo out? This is clearly more of a fashion statement than a redesign for a respectful cop’s uniform.

Set 15A

15A: Even if the polo style is fitted at the waist, I still don’t like that the police officers’ uniforms be tucked out from their pants or skirts. It just wouldn’t look proper.

Set 16A

16A: Looks okay. I meant the cap looks okay. Overall, there doesn’t seem to be any change from the current design.

Set 17B

17B: Ugly. He sort of looks like a Park Ranger, who’s not.

Set 18A

18A: The fitted-style pants and combat boots look good together, especially if the police officer is working on the field. Pero Kuya, sana di ka nag-side-view.

Set 19A


Set 20B

20B: Looking good there! Functionality-wise and authority-wise, this seems to be the best fit for a police officer in the field.

Set 21B

21B: For high-ranking officers, this is okay. Though they should have an alternate uniform, for field work too.

Set 22A

22A: Any tight-fitting uniform whatever the design may be, would look okay. This one failed to impress.

Set 23B

23B: Meh.

Set 24

24: Tomb Raider? People might not take this seriously. It looks great functionality-wise and it looks appealing, but police officers should have the image of respect. This look might give the impression that it’s just cosplay.

AND SO, in my opinion, the best UNIFORM REDESIGNS are sets 2, 8 and 20.


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