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Here’s a review of some of the apps I know and use, that features app reviews. 😉

App of the Day – Download one app per day, free of charge
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“App of the Day” is a free application that lets you download free of charge an app that is normally paid, every day.”

Each app featured within this app becomes free for the next 24 hours or so– sometimes, even longer depending on the author of the app itself.

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

What I like about this app:

  • The piggy bank icon at the top left corner of the user interface that shows you how much you have saved, when normally you’d have to pay that amount when getting the app.
  • The UI features a countdown timer to show you how long the app will still be available for download, free of charge.
  • The previously featured apps that were once free for 24 hours will still be listed below within the UI, allowing you to backtrack any of the apps you have missed, and would possibly want to purchase, just in case.
  • Showcases unpopular apps.

What I don’t like about this app:

  • The app features only one (1) screenshot of the featured app.
  • You cannot further expand or maximize the list view.
  • Very short reviews or descriptions for the featured apps that sometimes do not say anything helpful.

My Overall Rating: It’s a simple, straight-to-the-point app that delivers. The UI and UX can be improved, but it is already fine as it is. (3 of 5)

Appoday: Free App Deal of the Day
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APPODAY® provides the most elegant way to discover, recommend and share new apps with your friends.

Featured App of the Day

Featured App of the Day

What I like about this app:

  • Great UI and easy to navigate.
  • Up to five (5) screenshots of the featured app.
  • Features three (3) additional buttons that show reviews, a 10-point rating based on 5 criteria, and a way for you to rate the app yourself.
  • Features three (3) apps each day: Yesterday’s Deal, Today’s Deal and Tomorrow’s Surprise Deal

What I don’t like about this app:

  • Sometimes you get stuck on the splash screen, with a network connection error; even though you know you have a fast one.
  • Showcases almost the same kinds of apps and/or has been ignored by the developer or has not been updated lately.

My Overall Rating: Great graphics and UI are eye-catching details, and having not just one featured app is a plus! However, there had been consequent days that the featured apps have no variation as if the developer has ignored updating this app. (1 of 5)

Free Game of the Day (FGOTD)
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“FREE GAME OF THE DAY”discovers and showcases ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST GAMES – From the hard-to-findto the up-and-comers to the unexpected – every day, for free.


Main Interface

What I like(d) about this app:

  • Features only games.
  • 3 Deals in One: Extra Bonus, Main Feature, Must Have.

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • Featured only games.
  • Repetitive featured apps.
  • Sometimes features wrong icons for wrong apps.
  • Doesn’t update as much as the two (2) apps above.
  • Although you can customize the color of the your background, it hasn’t really been useful.

My Overall Rating: I used to like this app when it was updated at least every day, but deleted it when it started to feature previously-featured apps, as if there aren’t any new apps in the App Store/s. (1 of 5)

Apple N’ Apps – Apple News & App Reviews
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…we focus on reviewing the latest apps, and games in the App Store to help you decide what’s right for you.

Apple N' Apps

Interface Preview

What I like about this app:

  • Minimal UI design and layout.
  • Features include Latest News, App of the Day, Latest  Reviews, Free Apps, Editorials and Podcasts
  • Reviews are in-depth and have a very good criteria for score rating
  • Free apps! Not just one (1) free app for one (1) day. Apple N’ Apps features free APPS for one day.
  • You can backtrack all of the previous updates.
  • You can bookmark the articles you like so you can easily access these bookmarks from the main page.

What I don’t like about this app:

  • When you’re browsing the older articles and already too far from the most recent article, when you go back to the list, the page sometimes refreshes and takes you back again to the top (most recent) article.
  • Notifications could be helpful, especially if you’re waiting for limited-time free apps. Sadly there isn’t a way to enable notifications.

My Overall Rating: Best App Review App I’ve seen so far in Apple Store. Really helpful and sometimes it tempts you to buy those non-free apps, just because of great reviews. (5 of 5)


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