#Fortune (by Zach Gage) supposedly gives you random fortunes or quotes for your everyday life.

The idea of the app is great, but the execution not so much. Why?

The quotes are usually cro(pped)

Kiss? Kill? Kick you in the butt? What?

The quotes have not been proof-read.

Because “cos” is not an actual word. Besides, the quote doesn’t even make any sense.

You only get 3 fortunes, then you wait another 5 hours for another set.

It sometimes shows quotes in text lingo, “cos” I assume that these quotes are taken from tweets over the world whereas in twitter you have limited characters per post.

The app could’ve been better in my opinion. But if you’re looking for weird and (slightly) fun ways to brighten your day and you don’t get annoyed at text lingo and/or if you’re not allergic to incorrect grammar and punctuation, download the app on iOS Apple Store.

My fortune for #Fortune: “3 cracked fortune cookies out of 5”


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