Domino Drop


Game Type: Endless, Puzzle, Challenge

Gameplay: Domino Drop is like a combination of Tetris and Uno. Your objective is to clear the board or box off of domino tiles, by matching similarly-faced tiles. However, unlike in Tetris where you can rotate and ultimately plan the position of each brick, in Domino Drop, you can’t.

There are three modes in this game.

  1. Domino Drop (Classic Game)
  2. Domino Drop Tails
  3. Domino Drop Pro

In the Classic Mode, your main objective is to get the most number of tiles dropped, while getting a high score. At every turn, you are given either a vertically-oriented (standing) tile or a horizontally-oriented (laying) tile. Unlike Tetris, you cannot rotate your tile and can only pick the position where you’d like to drop it. Once you have picked the position, releasing your finger on the screen would instantly drop the tile. There is no way to control the tile from switching position once you drop it.

Matching two faces of tiles with the same color/number would clear these faces from the board/box. Empty/white tiles can only be cleared by matching four.

Domino Drop

When a laying tile is placed on a set of tiles with a gap in between, the face of the tile above the gap will not automatically drop into the gap, until the other face is cleared.

The game ends if there’s no space to drop newer tiles.

Domino Drop

2. Domino Drop Tails is a creative twist on the classic mode. In this mode, your main objective is to get the highest number of cleared white tiles, wherein every time you clear whites from the board, the number to combine/match the white tiles increases.

Domino Drop

You start off with the default (#4). To clear the white tiles from the board, you need to match four faces of whites.

Domino Drop

Matching any set of white tiles will automatically clear the board from all the white tiles. The label on the white tiles then increments by 1. This means, that to clear the next set of white tiles, you will need to match 5 faces, and so on.

3. Domino Drop Pro is similar to the classic game, except that the only clue you have for the next tile is the orientation.

Difficulty: Challenging.

Graphics: Neat graphics (UI) and animation. Simple and effective.

Entertainment: Fun! And the music’s catchy too!

Replayability: Endless. A simple game that you can replay over and over without getting bored.

Overall Rating: Over the top! I give it a Domino-5-6


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