The Evolution of My Portfolio Website


Before this website you see now, the layout of my portfolio came across several redesigns, both published and scrapped. I noticed several trends that keep popping in and out of the execution of my website.


JPBB Portfolio Website Design 1

Design #1 was one of my personal favorites. It features a unique user-interface, in which the objects in the background serve as buttons to explore the website. At that time that I was doing this layout, tables instead of divs were still “in”. The problem I had when developing this website was that it was too difficult to implement in varying sizes of screens.


JPBB Portfolio Website Design 3

Design #2 never really made it to the world wide web. It was a more “professional” take of Design #1 (or so I thought). This design kind of takes away the creativity of Design #1. I’m not really sure why I had to use a prehistoric selfie on my website, but seeing this now makes me cringe.


JPBB Portfolio Website Design 2

Design #3 was a more user-friendly version of Design #1 and a more creative version of Design #2. The idea I had for this layout was that each gallery item will have its own page and that the pages would seem to have a common look or template. I also wanted to be able to post notes/announcement/updates through the website. At that time, I still did not know how to develop a website using PHP.


JPBB Portfolio Website Design 4

Design #4 was also one of my favorites. Instead of using dark themes like in the older layouts, I wanted this design to be minimal and typographical — two concepts I have come to love over the years. This version of my website was the first, full portfolio website that was published online. I used this website as part of my resume when I had been looking for jobs. If you’re lucky enough, you can still visit this version here.



Designs #5 and #6 were two concepts that were born out of the same idea. Design #5 was more descriptive of each work, while Design #6 focused more on the artwork and not the text. In these two designs, I wanted to be able to use my new-found skills focusing more on jQuery. But later on, decided to scrap both ideas, since I realized I had to be able to populate data using PHP instead of jQuery.


JPBB Portfolio Website Design 7

Design #7, the last of my personal favorites, is also minimal and a bit personalized, such that for each category an artwork falls into, the thumbnail has a certain type of formatting. This layout was also the most advanced so far, since this website was PHP-driven. I used to have a live version of this site, but since the connection to the database was lost, the data is not being populated properly.


For my latest website however, I decided to use a WordPress template so that I can easily update it without having to code the entire site. This theme I am using is customized from a base template: keratin.

Seeing as how I’m a designer and a developer, you might be wondering why I opted to use a template, is a question about the busy schedule of my personal life. 😉


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