SW:TFA Theories


Major spoilers for those of you who still have not seen the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  • Early in the movie, it was revealed that Kylo Ren was Han and Leia’s son. Did you notice how the name KYLO sounded like SKY-LO of Skywalker and Solo? I’m guessing the S of SKY was removed because it was such a giveaway.
  • I’m guessing that the title THE FORCE AWAKENS meant more than just the awakening of Rey’s Force, but also Finn’s. I’m also guessing that either Finn is Mace Windu’s son or descendant or that Finn is a clone of Mace Windu. (Edit: Although, I think it was mentioned by JJ Abrams that Finn is not a force-sensitive character.)
  • At the end of the movie, Rey returns the lightsaber to Luke. I’m guessing she has her own lightsaber. She has her staff which she brings with her. My theory is that this is in fact a bo-type lightsaber or a lot of lightsabers connected to each other. 
  • When Kylo Ren told Finn that the lightsaber was his, it gave me the idea that initially it was meant for him, but then Luke sensed that the darkness was strong within him and decided not to. Maybe Luke wanted to give it to someone else.
  • Luke is Rey’s father. It is very likely, but very obvious so you would think that he’s not.
  • Another theory is that Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia and, a younger sister of Kylo Ren. It would make sense as to why Kylo reacted bery strongly at the mention of a girl character. It would seem that Kylo was the one who hid her in Jakku in the first place. One of the hints that Rey is Kylo’s sister is when he mentioned to her that Han was the father-figure he never had. 

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