Senate Bill 1197 or Anti-Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016


Senate Bill 1197 or the “Anti-Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016” seeks to strengthen the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) in investigating extrajudicial killings.

The bill orders the PNP to issue a warning announced through a megaphone before conducting arrest, raid, search and seizure in all police intervention operations. The police are absolutely prohibited from firing warning shots.


Personally, I think there is no need for this bill because all of this is already included in the PNP Manual (see 2010 Manual). It just needs to be revised and clearly stated in it.

Instead, I think what the government can do for the PNP, is to equip them with the technology that can help them in their duties. Equipment such as, but not limited to, Kevlar/bulletproof vests and helmets, taser guns, body cameras, dashboard cameras, frequency radios, Arnis baston/yantok (for short-range, non-lethal actions), etc. Equipping them with the right training, like target practice (using handguns and/or taser guns), arnis or eskrima, etc.

The body cams and dash cams, specifically, would allow the concerned bodies to find out what the PNP is actually doing during confrontations. At the start of each day, a police officer will get his/her issued body cam from the respective-assigned station and wear it. At the end of each day, the police officer will submit the body cam back to the station for review. If any coverage is accounted missing or if the body cam is switched off during the day, the police officer will be subjected to investigation and questioning.

Taser guns would allow the police officers to temporarily disable any suspected person. If suspected person/s are carrying firearms, police officers can then use their respective-issued firearms to only disable the suspect, by firing at non-lethal areas of the body.

Arnis or Eskrima training would allow the police officers to engage suspects that have short-range weapons.

To summarize, I think that instead of criticizing the actions of our police and putting them in a tight spot, that all government bodies would support them in what they are doing for our streets. Equip them with the proper tools and training, as well as, give adequate support to their families, so they can protect the people in return.


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