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I am JP (short for John Paul) Bantigue. I am a graduate of BS Mathematics major in Actuarial Science in the University of Santo Tomas in 2004. Shortly after my graduation, I enrolled in a short course on Database Applications and Mastering Visual Basic Development to further explore my interest and enhance my skills in the field of programming.

In October 2004, I was hired as a Technical Associate in Solutions Insurance Brokers Incorporated. I started as a programmer and was expected to continue working on a retirement valuation application, which has been ongoing even before I was hired. I was barely able to scratch the surface of the program, but nevertheless learned many new things in the process. I then worked more closely in the analyses and preparation of retirement valuation reports, which was more related to the course I picked in college. I later tried working as a broker– a middleman between an HMO provider and a client– which, later on I have discovered that I was more suited in technical matters and data analyses. I worked as a Technical Associate in Solutions Incorporated for seven years, but during those years to be honest, I had been in a recurring dilemma about my chosen career. Before I continue, here’s a bit of background about myself:


When I was little, I loved expressing myself in drawing and in art. In elementary, I was part of an Art Club– it was exciting and satisfying; some people even looked up to me, dare I say. In the family, almost all of us are inclined to drawing and in art. In my high school days, however, studies and experiences were more focused in science. I felt that there was no way of expressing myself in the form of art, only except in assignments and projects. But that experience turns you into a different person. During elementary, math was one of the most difficult subjects I have encountered that I even had to go through a tutor. In high school, I can say that I have excelled in math, and I felt that that love and enjoyment for math was what I wanted in general. And so when I was choosing the courses for college, I generally chose anything with math in it. I enjoyed math, I enjoyed finding x, but I never did see how I could apply this to real life. In the 3rd year of college, my love for art rekindled in me and I wanted to change the direction of my life but was too afraid to start over again and waste the three years of my life that had passed, so I finished my course and graduated in March 2004.

You see, even way back, I was more inclined to art, but had also developed my love for math. So in the years that I worked as a Technical Associate for Solutions Incorporated, I had been experiencing a recurring dilemma if I wanted to pursue the Actuarial Science path or if I wanted to start anew in a more non-routine kind of work in the field of art, in general.

During the unemployed months of 2004, before I started working in Solutions Incorporated, I trained myself into using Photoshop and since then DeviantArt has become my outlet for art-related stuff. My experience with DeviantArt and its large community of artists that soon became friends made me become more inclined to art, even as I worked in Solutions Incorporated, which in passing, started the dilemma.


2011 was the verge that I felt I had reached my glass ceiling working as a Technical Associate and felt that everything I was doing, was routine. In mid-2011, among many other companies I started applying in, I received a call from a start-up company called BUILD. I went on a couple of interviews and was later offered the job. I felt that THIS was the career that I have been waiting for all my life so I did not pass the chance and accepted it even if the risks involved were great.

Back then, I was the only employee (under my boss) of a start-up company. Now, I lead a team of four including myself. I am learning new things continuously, gaining new knowledge on technologies and methods, using both skills in Math and in Art.


I am JP Bantigue and I am a Multimedia Manager, a Designer and a Developer at BUILD Interactive Media Group, Inc. I lead a small team of four, reporting directly to the Managing Director of the company. Aside from actual design and development, I also manage project timetables of myself and my team; and this website contains all my personal and professional works, as well as all my thoughts about anything in general.

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