My Book Project


I couldn’t actually remember when the first time was that I started writing in verses. The only earliest I could recall was during my first year in high school when our teacher in Values Education assigned us to make a poem. I wrote about my friends: how I see them and who they are to me. I wrote the poem down on an illustration board and illustrated it with cartoon faces of my friends.

In the next few years, I translated songs like One of Us into Tagalog, and composed a few other songs, then stopped, or so I think I did, and I just couldn’t remember. Then after almost half a decade, that was when I started writing again. I wrote poems and songs or lyrics without tunes or poems intended to be sung, about life and love and regrets, and about random things that come to me.

This is a compilation of those, which I have written, remembered and recorded.

I decided to categorize these songs in my own way, like a story. This is My Book Project.

The Rockstar

The Rockstar plays sad music through his guitar and sings songs for the girl he likes. He prays that someday she would hear his music and hope they would create music together. He is sad and lonely because he knows they can never become or it’s just far from possible. Sadness and loneliness is his only companion and inspiration.